Community & Marketing 2.0 Summit 2010, Hamburg

Community & Marketing 2.0 Summit 2010, Hamburg

Kongress Media events I like for the practical approach from company perspective for the challenges in daily corporate life. For this reason I also went this year to the Community & Marketing 2.0 Summit 2010 in Hamburg, which was at the Steigenberger (nice location btw along an Alster river arm).

My first panel session was about “Crisis Communication 2.0: The handling of crisis communication and online reputation management” together with Claudia Sommer from Greenpeace. Moreover Thomas Zimmerling from BRITA water purifying systems was also participating in the panel giving his experience from a medium size but global player who also had to handle their first challenges. By the way on Thomas’ blog you find a German short summary of the discussion from his perspective with take-aways.

It was an interesting setting because we covered both sides of the coin to show that companies don’t need to be afraid of social media crisis because it’s a great chance at the same time.

The chance is not only to show that a company listens to the stakeholders and community outside but also – especially in smaller crisis situations – to practice how to cope with these challenges and how to stay flexible and become fast(er). Greenpeace showed quite impressively with the Nestle Kit Kat campaign how they challenged via social media a huge corporate to listen and move actually in the end. Interesting to remember was that this happens not really all of a sudden but that this is most time a longer process – and the final social media campaign resp. concerted action is just the final escalation. That means companies know already about the topic but both sides didn’t get together regarding a solution so that one party is escalating it via social media – where corporates having a hard time to figure out how to react – promptly. Moreover PR isn’t anymore the gatekeeper which means that the social media team needs to build up the same competences and the interactions get as close and fast as they can get where a company is in front of a big moving swarm while itself has to be as consistent as possible otherwise people won’t believe what the company is saying – and people will look for the smallest hint what might be wrong and try to attack the company. Therefore it’s a whole new game where seldom the big but the fast and flexible win.

My second session “Customer Service 2.0: Organisation of customer communication and service in realtime” was together with Andreas Bock from Deutsche Telekom who just launched successfully on twitter and also facebook now “Telekom hilft” (“Telekom helps”) which is a dedicated customer service approach via theses platforms.

Social Media is dialogue and so it seldom works without a holistic approach where customer service doesn’t play a natural role as it does in regular offline business. What became clear was also that without customer care the probability of a major reputation crisis also grows exponentially and companies are really challenged to handle customer care on social media platforms.

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